Canada Master Order Form

Master Order Form

Code Description Your Cost / Unit Total Units Ordered Total Cost
A Pepper Garden Plot $5.00 $0.00
B Cut Flower Bouquet Plot $5.00 $0.00
C Perennial Garden Plot $5.00 $0.00
D Kid's Garden Plot $5.00 $0.00
E Butterfly and Bird Gardens $5.00 $0.00
F Garden Vegetables Plot $7.50 $0.00
G Chef's Herb Garden Plot $7.50 $0.00
H Gourmet Salad Plot $7.50 $0.00
I Fall Harvest Garden Plot $5.00 $0.00
J Strange and Fun Garden Plot $5.00 $0.00
K English Cottage Garden Plot $7.50 $0.00
L Salsa Garden Plot $5.00 $0.00
M Greenhouse kit with Coco Pellets $5.00 $0.00
N Self Watering Greenhouse Kit with Coco Pellets $7.50 $0.00
Total Cost $0.00

Please Note Do not send money at time of order. An invoice will be sent to you separately in the next few days, including applicable taxes and delivery. After we receive your order delivery should be in 5 working days.

We want to Thank-You very much for participating in the program.