Plant-a-Tree Bonus Program

Here is How It Works

We can work together to help reforest parts of Canada. When you order our seed master packages for your spring Fundraiser, MIS will plant on your behalf indigenous seedlings trees in non-harvest areas in Canada.

Here is how it works:

For every 10 master seed package you sell MIS will give Plant-it funds to plant one tree. For example, sell 100 master packages and we will have 10 trees planted on your behalf. Good for all orders. We will promptly send you a Certificate commemorating you contribution to improve the environment.

Why Trees:

Trees store carbon and clean the atmosphere. In 50 years, one tree generates $30,000 in oxygen, recycles $35,000 of water, and removes $60,000 of air pollution. Source: USDA Forest Service Pamphlet# R1-92-100

Just a few of the other benefits of trees:

  • Trees combat the greenhouse effect
  • Trees clean the air
  • Trees provide oxygen
  • Trees cool the streets and the city
  • Trees conserve energy
  • Trees save water
  • Trees help prevent water pollution
  • Trees help prevent soil erosion
  • Trees shield children from ultra-violet rays
  • Trees provide shelter and food for birds and other wildlife

Why Choose Us?

Because you will take a step toward helping our environment by promoting seeds, a sustainable product, rather than some unhealthy overpriced disposable product.