Cov-19 Update As always, our highest priority is to help ensure the health and safety of our employees, customers, and suppliers while meeting our service commitments. We have had to set up a new isolated warehouse to pack product for the past four weeks, without the plant being able to manufacture more products and inventory. We have been able to ship 99% complete update to April 20, 2020. Unfortunately, we are running out of stock and we will be unable to ship any product until further notice. Thank you for your business – we appreciate it very much and hope to see you again next season. “We put the fun back in Fundraising”

An easy, eco-friendly way to fundraise with green gardening programs. Garden themed programs helps your organization to support “Go Green”. They are simple, fun, profitable, and help teach our youth more about gardening along with raising needed funds.

We have two easy fundraising ideas and over time we will be adding new programs and products. Great Green Garden Fundraiser works great for any organization needing to raise funds like schools, sport teams, scouts, churches, cadets, 4-H and more.

We are proud Canadian company, dedicated to providing you with outstanding service and value.

We do not use GMO seeds.

Don Gayford,
President, Make It Sow
Ayr, Ontario, Canada

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