Make It Sow plant and vegetable seeds are great fundraisers for schools, clubs and organizations. Margin is up to 50%.

Not only are they better than selling unhealthy and overpriced products, they also have a positive impact on our planet and stories which teach our fundraisers positive lessons. Most importantly, all these programs have one huge benefit for users, their cost for these high quality garden products and kits are virtually the same they would pay at a retail store and in some cases even less.

Growing plants today is not just restricted merely to large homes with garden plots, with inter-city balconies, roof tops, and indoor container gardens almost everywhere.

  • Free support materials supplied for each fundraiser (English and French)
  • Great margins and excellent value in all our programs
  • Eco-Friendly program from the paper we print on to the selection of products
  • No Minimum order required
  • No up-front costs, keep your profit as soon as you collect funds
  • No set dates, you choose the start and finish dates for your program
  • Don’t have to pay until order is shipped and delivered to your group
  • We can have your group up and running in days


  • Great gross profit margins
  • No-cost support materials, order forms and catalogues are all free (English/French)
  • No minimum orders required
  • No upfront costs -keep your profit and only pay after delivery
  • Can be up and running in a few days after confirmation